Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pretty Petunias

I was lucky enough to receive a selection of Wave petunias on May 18th via Fedex as a member of this year's Wave Research Team.  The varieties I am testing will not be available in stores till next spring.  I am to try them out and then critique their performance.  I am quite pumped about the whole process.  They plants looked rather bedraggled when I took them out of the box but that was hardly surprising.   I am new to the blogging world and unfortunately I  didn't take a photo that day so you will have to trust me that they looked a bit sad.  I watered them and set them in a sunny spot and by May 26 they had really bounced back as you can see below.

May was rather a busy month for me and I didn't actually get around to replanting them till June 2. Do you think they will believe it was for testing purposes?  My dog ate the planting instructions?

I chose a new planting mix that I haven't used before so this is an interesting experience for me all round.  It is Scotts Miracle Gro - ExpandnGro.  It really is compact when you buy it and then bulks up 3 times when you add water. Here is a link to info about it  and a coupon.


Please note they have not asked me to review their product or paid me in any way.  It just seemed appealing when I went to by potting soil.  It is a 100% natural lightweight material made from coconut husk. The idea that it retains water better than other materials really appeals to me as I find that my pots sometimes dry out in the summer heat.  I intend to water regularly but sometimes I forget and I am hoping this potting mix will keep my flowers looking good even if I slip up. I will keep you posted on how the potting mix performs as well as giving follow up on the petunias.

I am testing the following varieties that will not be in stores until 2013.

           Petunia Shock Wave Rose Improved 
           Petunia Shock Wave Deep Purple Improved
           Angelonia Serenita Lavender Pink 

Transplanting Finally


I followed the instructions and planted them directly without removing the wrapping.  I found it a bit weird but it does keep the roots together. 

Here is a link to more info on the plant wrap.  An idea that should have happened long ago.  Think of how many pots this is saving from landfills.  I am not sure if I really liked planting them but you could also compost the wrappers if you choose.  I do like the idea that they are biodegradable. 

Well here they are all planted up. Stay tuned to see how they develop.


Wave Gardening Tips Included in box

Give your Wave petunias full sun - at least 6+ hours per day.

Regularly water and fertilize your petunias once a week with liquid feed, or with slow release fertilizer.  Petunias are hungry plants.

If possible, water your plants in the morning so the foliage dries before evening.

When planting, maintain the same plant depth as the original pot or pack.

For lush, full container displays, place 3 plants in a 10-12" (25-30 cm) container.

Visit  http://www.wave-rave.com for more planting advice and frequently asked questions or to join the club and maybe you can be chosen as a tester next year.

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